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Global Organisation

Mine Tek Ltd. began its commodities business in 2019 with a new vision to explore exceptional origins in iron ore and steel raw material trading and sourcing.

Our view is to add value to the supply chain and remove logistical, financial and price risk from the mine owners in South America.

The iron ore mining industry is a typical key resource industry providing basic raw materials for the steel industry which is one of the fundamental industries of the national and international economy.

It has long suffered from the pressure of market fluctuations and high production and distribution costs, mainly due to the lack of coordination and flexibility in decision making.

To face the challenge, it is essential to make economic coordinated production and distribution planning decisions as well as, legal, tax and fiscal planning in the environment of supply chain.

Therefore, it has become our main focus to help miners in South America to achieve this goal by introducing professional help and advice in various part of the trade. If we leave the organisational profitability aside, Mine Tek Ltd unique view is to expand the operations of junior miners to benefit local community and the mine owners who suffered greatly at the hand of giant trading companies for many years.

Risk Management

MINETEK Co. Ltd strategy reveals a unique risk management strategy that make us one of the most successful business models in the market.

Our company only purchase from government owned entities which are selling under private or public tenders.

MINETEK remove any price volatility risk of physical positions by implementing future positions. Our company has a great track record in DBS bank Singapore for trading futures.

MINETEK only charter its own vessels and total control of the cargo is within our grasp all the way to the Asian main ports.

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